23 October 2020

Financial Choice portfolios have beaten equivalent diversified funds due to asset class diversification. Compare our performance.

We have been managing tailored portfolios for our clients for over 10 years using exchange traded funds (ETF’s) to give us global investment spread. Our asset consultant and economist, Chris Watling in London, provides us with a daily view of trends and observations that are only available exclusively to our clients. The asset allocation advice Chris gave us 12 months ago was to go overweight on U.S shares and International shares and underweight on Australian shares. Take a look at the asset based returns below to understand why our portfolios beat our competitors.

Asset class performance for last 12 months.

Source: Vanguard Investment chart. Asset class returns September 2020.

Our performance numbers; the importance of asset selection.

What about over the longer term?

Please note that the above returns do not allow for tax and the individual investment management fee that you pay because this varies from client to client based on portfolio size and rebates. ETF performance is net of the MER.

The performance against the Industry benchmark has been more impressive. We have compared our one year performance against the Morningstar Industry index performance.

Growth Portfolio

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